• New Landhope Reuben

Lanhope Winter Photo


Can you believe wintertime is here already?!  We can!  You have helped to make 2014 one of our most fun years yet!  Your feedback and loyalty to us here at the farm is so greatly appreciated!  We are working feverishly to make sure 2015 is just as exciting!  As we wind down the year, don’t forget about all of our great specials we have here at the farm – just waiting for you!  As you learned last year – nothing will stop us from being here to serve you.  So – even though the snow in this photo looks real pretty – if you’re on the road and need something, you know where to stop – the one and only legendary Landhope Farms.


Landhope Reuben

Our deli managers are the best in the business.  How do we know?  We know because you have spoken to us with your taste buds!  The new legend in our line-up – the LANDHOPE REUBEN has been welcomed to the family with such excitement, we have decided to add it to the menu permanently!  Whether it’s on a club, a hoagie or even a panini – the low sodium corned beef and delicious coleslaw and sauerkraut make this an undeniable favorite of the Landhope faithful!  Thank you for letting us know!

Mistletoe Delight

Have you had the opportunity to taste our new FEATURE flavor coffee?  Nothing gets you into the holiday spirit more than mistletoe!  If you like the taste of pecans, hazelnuts and almonds with just a touch of caramel, you are going to love this new flavor coffee.  However, hurry in to try it.  It won’t be here for long.  When Santa leaves this year, he takes the mistletoe delight with him and ushers in a new feature for January!  You’ve told us you love the feature flavors (and the new look to our coffee bar), so we want to keep it fresh, exciting and most of all TASTY for all of our coffee consumers.

Landhope Gift Cards

This goes without saying because we know you see them when you visit our associates every day.  However, why not give the gift that keeps on giving?  The Landhope Farms gift card can be used at any of our three locations for everything from gasoline (fuel for your car) to coffee (fuel for you)!  Whether you need a quick Secret Santa gift at the office or you want to give it to someone who you know loves our products, we have them available around the clock for you to pick up!  Why not steer some of your friends who may enjoy the competition to try something a little new and exciting – they will thank you for it!

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