• New Landhope Reuben

  Turkey Meatball in Chipotle Sauce  There is no doubt our infamous Italian Meatball Hoagie is one of the most popular.  Well, we just upped the ante a little with this phenomenal new offering in the deli.  Take the opportunity to try one of our new TURKEY MEATBALL IN CHIPOTLE SAUCE hoagies today!  It’s brand new, it’s tasty and it’s going to give your old favorite quite the challenge when deciding which one to have for lunch or dinner today.  Let us know what you think.  The feedback so far has been tremendous!

Thin 'n Trim Meats  You have asked for a “healthier alternative” to many items in our location and we are getting ready to embark on the Landhope Farms HEALTHIER OPTION campaign at our stores.  Our first foray into this area will be the addition of Thin ‘n Trim brand deli meats to our bulk deli offering as well as our hoagie options.  Simply click on the “Thin ‘n Trim” button in the kiosk when building your hoagie and you’ll have quite the tasty selection to choose from including:

* Buffalo Chicken Breast (sure to become a favorite of our Landhope loyals)

* Thin ‘n Trim Turkey Breast

* Rare Roast Beef

* Thin ‘n Trim All Meat Bologna

Thin ‘n Trim Meats are the best-tasting, lowest sodium products on the market that is also low in fat.  That means purchasing the highest quality ingredients, only the finest meats and spices.  They do everything right!  Their meats are premium, low fat, low sodium, low cholesterol – No MSG, many Gluten-Free and NO Trans-Fats.  Check it out for yourself on their website at www.thinntrim.com .  Then head over to Landhope Farms and pick up a pound or order your next delicious hoagie with Thin ‘n Trim meats!  You’ll be glad you did!

3 Hoagies and Coke 2 Liter Promo

It’s September and you know what that means!  Friday Night Lights!!  We know after the big game on Friday night the last thing any mom or dad wants to do it cook a big meal.  Let us do it for you!  When you order 3 of our Legendary 12″ Hoagies (any type), you can get a 2 liter of any Coca-Cola product for just $.99 + tax!  That’s a great deal.  You get the deliciousness of our fresh, satisfying hoagies and can wash it down with ice cold Coca-Cola!  Make it a night – make it a great night with Landhope Farms after the game!

Add Avocado

MANY of our customers have asked over the past month when we were going to get an avocado offering for our hoagies.  Well, we are sorry you had to wait, but we think it will be well worth it!  We found a fantastic avocado spread to add to your already mouth watering hoagie.  Click on the “add avocado” button in the kiosk and we’ll gladly upgrade your hoagie to stratospheric levels with this tasty topping.  (Additional cost for avocado – see kiosk for details)

Bacon Makes Everything Better  We don’t need to say anything else.

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